Repeat Prescriptions

Our patients can order a prescription for their regular medications without having to see a doctor. Generally patients will require at least one annual health review with their doctor to avail of this service.


They are prescriptions for your regular medications that you can get, without having to see your doctor. It means that you do not have to see your doctor every time you need these medications.

If you take your medications regularly, ordering this way can save you, and your doctor, time.

However generally patients on regular medications need at least an annual review with their doctor.

In line with public health measures, during the Covid 19 pandemic, we are trying to reduce footfall to the surgery. Patients are encouraged to use the online Repeat Prescription ordering service if at all possible.

You can order your repeat prescription:

Strandhill Surgery, Shore Road, Strandhill, County Sligo

Please ensure that you contact the surgery well in advance of your prescription renewal date as 48 hours notice is required to generate a repeat prescription. This period of time is required so that the doctors can review your medication and assess the need for any monitoring that may be required (e.g. blood tests, ecg or the need for a medical review).

Please note that our staff cannot take requests for repeat prescriptions over the phone.

The fee for a repeat prescription is €20 and advance payment is required before Prescriptions can be issued. Payment can be made by phone, online or via our secure text or email payment service, Savvi. (Not applicable to medical card holders).

The fee for a repeat prescription is €20 and advance payment is required before Prescriptions can be issued. (Not applicable to medical card holders).

Payment can be made by phone or via our secure text or email payment service.

Repeat prescriptions are processed electronically and sent to the patient’s nominated pharmacy for collection.

Please allow a minimum of 48 hours (2 working days) prior to contacting your pharmacy to arrange to collect the prescription.

Your usual pharmacy may dispense a small emergency supply of your medication, until you are able to contact your doctor.

Your pharmacy often will be able to dispense a five day emergency supply. Then drop the prescription to our surgery so that we can update your records and email it on to the pharmacy.

It is not always appropriate to continue a medicine on repeat prescription.

This may occur:

  • If the medication is a short course of medicine for an acute problem.
  • With medications that are changing or not stable.
  • When a patient’s medical review is needed or overdue.

A multi-step process is important to manage repeat prescriptions as diligently as possible to avoid medical error.

  • Your doctors need to be aware of your recent medical history, other possible medications you may be on, potential drug interactions; and they need to be aware of other factors relevant to your medical history such as your liver and kidney function.
  • They need to update your records accordingly and they need to send on the correct dose and quantity of medication for the appropriate length of time to your pharmacist.
  • We rely on our patients, our record keeping, our knowledge of your medical history, and also our trusted pharmacists, to ensure that we are prescribing the right medications for you.
  • Practice Staff are NOT permitted to take prescription requests over the phone.

If you ever feel that a mistake may have been made, we encourage you to bring it to our attention or the pharmacist’s attention as soon as possible.

Please be assured that no offence will be taken and we would always prefer you to ask questions.

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