We have access to many diagnostic services including blood tests, urine tests, X-Rays and scans. Please make sure that you understand how and when you are going to receive the results of any tests that are ordered for you before you leave the surgery.

How are results communicated?

Patients will be advised of normal test results and results that may be slightly abnormal and insignificant by text.

Abnormal test results will be followed up in one of two ways:

  1. Your doctor may arrange a follow-up appointment to discuss results and plan further management OR
  2. Your doctor or the practice nurse may occasionally phone you to advise of and discuss the abnormal result.

How soon will results be available?

Most blood and urine test results are back within a week, but some tests take longer and your doctor/nurse will advise you accordingly.

It is important that patients receive results of all investigations so please do follow up with us if you haven’t received results of any investigations. This ensures we can avoid tests going missing, which may (rarely) happen or not being acted upon.

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